Richard Warren

Richard Warren is the head life coach at Coach Richard Warren, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In his career, Richard has worked with leaders in different industries to help them define their visions and make the most out of their ideas. He leverages his skills and years of experience in the industry to help clients do a SWOT analysis of themselves and their ideas and have a better shot at success. Besides his work as a life coach, Richard also offers wellness and psychotherapy services. He can deliver both life coaching and psychotherapy services due to his various industry accreditations. Richard is a Licensed Certified Social Worker/Clinical and is also an ICF Associate Certified Coach. Both of these take a graduate degree and many hours of practice, making him an authority in the industry regarding both life and wellness coaching. His industry authority is enhanced by the fact that he is a facilitator of the Daring Way™ program developed by Brene Brown. Ph.D.  

How May I Help You?



Besides offering life coach services, Richard is a psychotherapist and has helped many achieve their wellness goals.


Social Worker

Richard is a licensed Certified Social Worker/Clinical. He is also an ICF Associate Certified Coach.



Richard works with his clients to help them develop clarity of thought in actualizing their goals.

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Richard Warren is the head life coach at Coach Richard Warren and operates from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a life coach, he has helped many leaders across industries achieve their goals in his long career. From CEOs of top corporations to startup founders, many can attest to the influential role that Richard has played in their lives. Richard has a way of making someone develop clarity in their goals and do a SWOT analysis on the best way to achieve such goals.  

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