Richard Warren is the head life coach at Coach Richard Warren based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Richard is an authority in the life coach business based on his skills and experience. He is a Licensed Certified Social Worker/Clinical (LCSW-C) and an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Both of these require a high level of education in social work and hours of practice. 

Thanks to his skills and certifications, Richard offers wellness, life coaching services, psychotherapy, among others. Richard is also known as a Daring Way™ Facilitator; a program is premised on research by Brene Brown. Ph.D. and helps leaders embrace their vulnerabilities. As a life coach, Richard has helped many business leaders develop clear goals out of their visions and ideas and go on to achieve great things.

As a psychotherapist, Richard has helped hundreds of people overcome feelings of helplessness and develop a sense of purpose in life. However, it is no just through his proper setup that Richard helps people transform their lives for the better.  He also does it through religious teachings. He is an inter-faith and inter-spiritual minister assisting people in finding purpose through spirituality.

My Passion

Richard Warren is a respected figure in the life coaching business in Indianapolis, Indiana, and nationally. As the head life coach at Coach Richard Warren, he has helped many leaders in industry and other spheres clarify their visions and achieve great things. He helps them understand their ideas’ strengths and weaknesses and pursue them in the most strategic way possible. Richard is also a psychotherapist and has in his career, changed people’s lives by helping them gain hope and a renewed sense of purpose. His success both as a life and a wellness coach stems from his skills and experience evident in his various certifications. He is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and also a Licensed Certified Social Worker/Clinical. These are certifications that require a graduate degree in social work and hours of practice. Richard is also conversant with and a facilitator of Daring Way™, a program based on research by Brene Brown, Ph.D. Besides using his skills to help clients, Richard also reaches the public on life and wellness issues through his ministry on inter-faith and inter-spiritual works. Many who have used his teachings have redefined their lives and developed a new sense of purpose.